Tilo Bonow - Marketing Expert & Business Angel

Helping entrepreneurs to get global exposure for their technologies, ideas and impacts is my passion. As an ambassador for innovation and value-adding investor, I drive global market leadership for challenger brands.

Tilo Bonow is Founder and CEO of Berlin-based PIABO, premier business performance amplifier and premium brand public relations agency for the international digital industry. He is a platinum-level influencer, networker and driver of success for entrepreneurs in global arenas. His business value creation services diligently mix market savvy, resources and relationships to optimally position his clients on the international stage.

Before founding PIABO, Tilo worked as Global Head of Communications alongside Europe’s quintessential digital entrepreneurs, the Samwer brothers. He established PIABO to provide tech entrepreneurs with the dynamics to bring their ideas to market and subsequently grew PIABO’s core business to support entrepreneurs and businesses to actively recognize potentials, identify and achieve growth targets, and ultimately own the market.

Marketing Expert Bonow is both truffle pig and business angel: he and his team have chronicled a successful track record of exponential growth scenarios marked by successful and sustainable entry and exit strategies. Clients include European startups and international tech heavyweights, like Tinder, Evernote, Yelp, Groupon, Withings and LinkedIn. Tilo Bonow is also a passionate and active supporter of the digital ecosystem and a dedicated jury member, panelist, mentor and moderator at numerous conferences and events, including the IBM, Microsoft, DLD, Noah conference, European Venture Summit and Pioneers Festival.

My painfully honest feedback may take you out of your comfort zone, but it will also drive your success.